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Are you open to raise your awareness?

Do you like to be inspired?

Do you want to learn new ways of looking at life?

Than take a look around at my website an explore your options.

Blindfold training for kids

In 6 sessions I will activate your child to be able to see through the blindfold. This improves focus, concentration, balance in the body and an inner knowing.

By continuing the excercises I do (and will help you with) at home, your child will improve in his ability to focus and concentrate.

For examples look here:


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a multidimensioinal story

This channeled book talks about the making of a portal, the function of the Stones, how they hold the energies, the frequencies of this gateway to a star system which a lot of people are unconsciously connected with.

The writer tells about how she discovered her connection with Stonehenge, why she was asked to write about the making of this portal and channeled information about this site that was never written about.

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Soul reading

In a soul reading you can ask any question you want.

These questions can be about:

  • how to raise your awareness

  • the path your soul choice to walk in this life

  • love, relationships, friendships

  • work

  • parenting

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About Viviane


Viviane Kels (1972, Amsterdam) completed her study in Amsterdam at the VU university where she earned a master of science (MS) degree in clinical psychology. During her study she also studied psycho-spiritual healing which completed the more right brain oriented university textbooks. She never stopped taking courses in psychology related themes and developed herself into a writing channeler and soul reader in her own practice Vivisions.

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